View Full Version : Samp audio plugin Filterscript request.

11/10/2011, 02:18 AM
Hi i know absolutely nothing about scripting lol.

I want to request a Simple Filterscript for the Plugin made by Ignatico (I know i spelled it wrong).

Its simple. I just wanna be able to globally /play [songid] from the Default audio packs folder.

I want it to auto force a Download Of the songs to anyone with the plugin.

when you login make it say "You have been auto connected to the I-RP Music Server."

If you lose connection for it to say "You have lost connection to the I-RP music server"

and /stop for anyone who doesnt wanna hear it.

/globalstop for the person who started it.

by song ID i mean like song order in the audio pack file.

12/10/2011, 02:08 AM
is it that hard 2 make?