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22/11/2011, 05:39 PM

I'm having a little problem, whenever I'm saving a INT in my MySQL database I can easy print it with %i.
But whenever I'm trying to save a 'word' in my MySQL database VARCHAR(24) it fails to print.

I print it like this:

format(str,128, "Faction[%s]",PlayerInfo[playerid][Faction]);

But it just displays: <= Empty spaces.
Here some code:

enum pInfo

stock MySQL_Login(playerid)
new query[300], pname[24], savingstring[20];
GetPlayerName(playerid, pname, 24);
format(query, sizeof(query), "SELECT * FROM playerdata WHERE user = '%s'", pname);
//We only select the variables that we want to use.
//We don't need things like the password string or the user string.
mysql_query(query); //Queries the result
mysql_store_result(); //Store a result because it's a SELECT statement.
//We use while so that it does a single query, not multiple
//Especially when we have more variables. If there is more
//Variables, you should just split the line with sscanf. To
//Make it easier.
mysql_fetch_field_row(savingstring, "score"); SetPlayerScore(playerid, strval(savingstring));
mysql_fetch_field_row(savingstring, "money"); MoneyGiven[playerid] = strval(savingstring);
mysql_fetch_field_row(savingstring, "Adminlevel"); PlayerInfo[playerid][Adminlevel] = strval(savingstring);
mysql_fetch_field_row(savingstring, "Skin"); PlayerInfo[playerid][Skin] = strval(savingstring);
mysql_fetch_field_row(savingstring, "Faction"); PlayerInfo[playerid][Faction] = strval(savingstring);
//If you are wondering why I'm using savingstring instead
//Of a variable like using MoneyGiven right away, it's because
//mysql_fetch_field_row requires a string.
mysql_free_result(); //We must always free a stored result
SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, "{D1C5C8}[ACCOUNT]{A69A9D} Login process {D1C5C8}succeed!"); //Sends the client a message.
Logged[playerid] = 1; //Sets our logged in variable to one
return 1;

If you need more code I like to hear that. Just to repeat, whenever I save a number like: 123 it will print with %i. What I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

22/11/2011, 05:47 PM
The problem is simple, you're storing the return value of strval in the variable. strval is a function for getting the value of a string, therefore it is not required in this case and will not work as your intending it to do. All you need to do is store it directly with your mysql_fetch_field_row function, for example:

mysql_fetch_field_row(PlayerInfo[playerid][Faction], "Faction");

No need for the strval part for strings, that is simply for "converting" a string to an integer, so to speak.

22/11/2011, 05:53 PM
Thanks JaTochNietDan it works. In case you didn't know, you are awsome.:) Thanks.