View Full Version : Something wired about OnPlayerRequestClass

28/12/2011, 08:58 PM
I don't know what is happening but this OnPlayerRequestClass doesn't work.

I have this on my server and should change the camera position but nothing. I use dialogs to resigter and login, should be a problem from them?

public OnPlayerRequestSpawn(playerid)
SetPlayerTime(playerid, 0, 0 );
SetPlayerWeather( playerid, 17);
SetPlayerPos(playerid,1679.2479,1447.9485,47.7780) ;
SetPlayerFacingAngle(playerid, 89.8345);
SetPlayerCameraPos(playerid,1667.3199,1447.8243,47 .7780);
SetPlayerCameraLookAt(playerid,1679.2479,1447.9485 ,47.7780);
return 1;

28/12/2011, 09:10 PM
Have you tried to put this code into OnPlayerRequestClass callback?
Cause you are talking about OnPlayerRequestClass, but showing code from OnPlayerRequestSpawn callback.

28/12/2011, 09:12 PM
Damn i'm so idiot, i didn't see that is OnPlayerRequestSpawn.