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29/12/2011, 12:19 PM
Hello all, this week i started with scripting again.. well two days ago and i had some idea to start with a ''Car-dropoff'' place and expend it to a successfull gamemode, So now i have made some ship where you can drop off the cars. You can access the ship if you go from the sewers and go pass a gate and use several pc's to get the bridge of the ship down, etc, etc.

So now everything went good and it worked pretty well, only some very little buggs what can be fixed in 10-15 minutes and some spelling mistakes or words that i forgot, so now i tested everything out in my only and it worked pretty fine.. But than my little brother came to test and guess what, my whole script just got back to.. nothing, it failed..

What happend?

Well in the entrance your supossed to enter a gate and only one person can enter a time becouse they had to use pc's etc.. so i diden't make the gate go 90 degrees up so he can enter, but that he would be TP'ed and the next player had to wait until this one was done, the person in the area had to park his vehicle first, run to the first PC make the bridge of the ship go down etc.

I only finished the first PC, and diden't script and map the platform what will lift the vehicle so it can continue (since it will be frozen in a little cagethingy)

So problems:

1. All players can just enter one by one the area, it doesn't even work.
2. If you stop in the little thing it says ''Walk up to the other PC'' if you do /stopsale (The command to stop it and get out of there, worked perfectly when i was testing it on my own) you get TP'ed back out, but the other player can't work with the PC.

Can anyone help? How do i make it that only ONE player from the whole server can enter it and make use of the command setc.

Im already using ''busy[playerid] ==1'' ''if (busy[playerid] ==1) bla bla bla so they can't enter..
Please help me or i think i can't ever continue scripting..



P.S im just a beginner.

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cool story bro.