View Full Version : Side menu? using zcmd to control it?

31/12/2011, 11:52 AM
Hi ,
i'm am new to SAMP server programming.

I am wondering how can i make a side menu that is located just below the chatbox.

What it displays :
1 Menuitem1 Price
2 Menuitem2 Price
3 Menuitem3 Price
4 Menuitem4 Price

And when user input "1" in the chat box(~) , it will choose menuitem1.

Example: Crazybob's Cops and Robbers( server's menu.

All the tutorial i found is the menu function which uses up and down to choose through items.
Or did i miss tutorial like this?

(P/S i use Zcmd to parse commands)

I hope someone can give me some guidance.
Really interested into making this kind of menus. :D