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17/03/2012, 04:45 PM
Ok guys i'll tell you my prople.....and i'll bee honest 100%

ok when icreate my acount on this fourm ithought it well be easy...ithouhgt i'm gonna get my DREAM cops and robbers game mode it turn all wrong so i chose to get my DREAM** role play game mode it turn wrong...idownload some servers but most of them was sucks cuz ihate things in them like icant add register system icant add admin system icant add weapons...ETC....so istart working on pawno...ispend hourse a hourses...like ea day 8 hourse!!! ifelt like a nerdy and! realy pathetic iwas realy mad and angry and sad in the same time if that dose'nt make any thing...some times i yell on my family when they call me for dinner or launch or even breakfast cuz irealy dont have time for this! that pawno realy infules me some times i was'nt going to school just cuz irealy want make this fucking server....it's like drugs! Drugs Addict!!!!! but when i spend days ...hourses and stell got nothin but then i stop..icount the days..( i didnot go to school 8 days i made my self sick just to stay away from school,i left like 4 dinners 4 launch 10 breakfast and some times iwas eating near pc...and some times when my friends call me i refuse to answer...) just to make my dream server but...ARGHHHH!! it's all was WRONG cuz it's was an epic fail
idont know how to work on PAWNO LEARN ME
ok guys just please help me how to make my own server with gamemode with Weapons Portal or ican give weapons when they login AUTO...and how ican remove and add cars and how iadd admins commands how ican add register system please help me out Y_Y

PLEASE HELP ME!!! idont want to lose every secound ispend on pawno for nothen

Name:-Ayman Fawarsy

NOTE it's 0.3D and try to not send me an old video

17/03/2012, 04:47 PM

Was there any need for that?

Nobody will help you if you're asking like this, use the script request thread.

17/03/2012, 04:51 PM
Wow are you kidding? Sadly I must say I did laught when I was reading this. You just started to make a GM without learning how to script? and you put scripting before life? (inc school, food, friends)?

also, below 'Scripting discussion'' there is a topic called ''Gamemodes'' or something like that, maybe open your
eyes and download a GM(AND GIVE CREDITS FOR ITS MAKER), or then hire a scripter against money.

17/03/2012, 04:52 PM
Argh, seriously, was that necessary?

You need to learn how to script, take your time, and don't rush yourself.
You need to understand how the language works, just like learning any other language.

When people say 'Read the Wiki', they really do mean 'Read the damn Wiki'.
It does help, and don't just skim read it, read it damn properly.
So. Read the wiki.

Also, being in a good frame of mind will help, if you're all angry and annoyed at people, then you'll just end up more frustrated.
Without sounding too patronising; take a break, do something else, then come back to it.

17/03/2012, 05:10 PM
if you have never scripted or programmed anything before
this may be hard to learn PAWN,

that dont mean it is impossible...
it could take years!!! of reading and understanding how the core language works
and how it applies to SAMP .

that dont mean it will take years to make a game mode.
you need to only devote so much time to PAWN,
as said above it will only make you angry more and more
and you wont learn a thing this way.

try a simple gamemode and edit it.
read the tutorials, the wiki, and the forums.

you cannot expect to learn a hole scripting environment in 8 days.
not enless you have many languages under your belt and even then you will still have a learning curve.

if it was easy EVERYONE would be doing it.. and thats just not the case here.
Programming is a skill acquired over time, the more time you spend learning the
better your skills will be, and at some point you will really start to understand
stuff alot faster than before.

PAWN is very new to me but i have been a hobbyist programmer for about 12 years,
i have dabbled in many languages none of which i am a master.
but it is how you learn new concepts and fundamentals. And this has helped me
with the basics of scripting in PAWN..

good luck! and take a break, school|eating|family|friends are more important than some SAMP server.

17/03/2012, 11:19 PM
iknow that friends and family and...more important than samp but iwas realy want to make samp gamemode

17/03/2012, 11:22 PM
some one send me how to make game modes

17/03/2012, 11:29 PM
" idont know how to work on PAWNO LEARN ME " , Its Teach me :) , and also , really if you dont know how just hire someone for money , and i believe that your from morocco , SAMP Is a Virtual world , give more importance to your life buddy...