View Full Version : help me pls ! [REP+]

05/04/2012, 04:12 PM
Pls help me ! I want remove From PPC Trucking anticheat for money i have ladmin4v2 and when i use /setcash /giveallcash /setallscore /setallcash /setscore get bugget. Exsemple: I have 200 score. I using /setcash myid and 400 score, And i dont get the score get back to 200 to for moneys. i have 2m i use /setcash /giveallcash 500000 maybe and he agein reset to 2m how to remove this cheat?

05/04/2012, 06:05 PM
The better optional way is look through the gamemode, find the anti-cheat section (mostly people create a new callback named OnPlayerUpdateEx, should be in there and you can remove it if you want i guess)