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20/05/2012, 07:14 AM
new Float:armour;
GetPlayerArmour(playerid, armour);
if(armour == 100 || armour == 99) //
if(Spawning[playerid] == 1) return 0;
if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pVip] < 1)
new name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], string[128];
GetPlayerName(playerid, name, sizeof(name));
format(string, sizeof(string), "[ANTI CHEAT]:%s is banned for Armour Hack!",name);
SendClientMessageToAll(LIGHTBLUE, string);
BanEx(playerid,"Armour Hack");

So this is my Anti-Armour hack and one of my trusted community member got banned for Armour Hack.He said it was in middle battle then suddenly he got banned.That is really confusing but i'm asking somehow is this possible want your opinions.

JaKe Elite
20/05/2012, 07:20 AM
Not sure if this is a n00b way or stupid way.
When you use GivePlayerArmour make sure its only 99.0
then check if the Armour is 100, if the armour is 100 banned them.

I think this is the most stupid way.

20/05/2012, 07:31 AM
Your banning people there if they have 100 or 99 armor and are not vip. And are not spawning.

Also your better not checking for equality because GetPlayerArmour is unlikely to return a rounded value. It returns a float.

GetPlayerArmour(playerid, armour);
if(armour == 100 || armour == 99)//armour is probably 99.5 or something