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23/06/2012, 10:35 AM
Hey I wanna make this: when a player type /v nrg or anny vehicle that I have added in my pawno, he will automatically in the vehicle that he got choosen.

But I didnt want that a player type /v nrg-500 (that is possible to)
But a player can /v nrg (press to)

Same for the other vehicle's

A player can type /v infernus
or /v inf
or /infer

All he can type, for spawn the choosen vehicle. BUT it must be max 3 letters.

How can I makte that?

I got now this:

// This is a comment
// uncomment the line below if you want to write a filterscript

#include <a_samp>

new VehicleNames[212][] = {
{"Bobcat"},{"Mr Whoopee"},{"BF Injection"},{"Hunter"},{"Premier"},{"Enforcer"},{"Securicar"},
{"Banshee"},{"Predator"},{"Bus"},{"Barracks"},{"Hotknife"},{"Trailer 1"},{"Previon"},
{"Coach"},{"Cabbie"},{"Stallion"},{"Rumpo"},{"RC Bandit"},{"Romero"},{"Packer"},{"Monster"},
{"Admiral"},{"Squalo"},{"Seasparrow"},{"Pizzaboy"},{"Tram"},{"Trailer 2"},{"Turismo"},
{"Speeder"},{"Reefer"},{"Tropic"},{"Flatbed"},{"Yankee"},{"Caddy"},{"Solair"},{"Berkley's RC Van"},
{"Skimmer"},{"PCJ-600"},{"Faggio"},{"Freeway"},{"RC Baron"},{"RC Raider"},{"Glendale"},{"Oceanic"},
{"Baggage"},{"Dozer"},{"Maverick"},{"News Chopper"},{"Rancher"},{"FBI Rancher"},{"Virgo"},{"Greenwood"},
{"Jetmax"},{"Hotring"},{"Sandking"},{"Blista Compact"},{"Police Maverick"},{"Boxville"},{"Benson"},
{"Mesa"},{"RC Goblin"},{"Hotring Racer A"},{"Hotring Racer B"},{"Bloodring Banger"},{"Rancher"},
{"Super GT"},{"Elegant"},{"Journey"},{"Bike"},{"Mountain Bike"},{"Beagle"},{"Cropdust"},{"Stunt"},
{"Tanker"}, {"Roadtrain"},{"Nebula"},{"Majestic"},{"Buccaneer"},{"Shamal"},{"FCR-900"},
{"NRG-500"},{"HPV1000"},{"Cement Truck"},{"Tow Truck"},{"Fortune"},{"Cadrona"},{"FBI Truck"},
{"Firetruck LA"},{"Hustler"},{"Intruder"},{"Primo"},{"Cargobob"},{"Tampa"},{"Sunrise"},{"Merit"},
{"Utility"},{"Nevada"},{"Yosemite"},{"Windsor"},{"Monster A"},{"Monster B"},{"Uranus"},{"Jester"},
{"Sultan"},{"Stratum"},{"Elegy"},{"Raindance"},{"RC Tiger"},{"Flash"},{"Tahoma"},{"Savanna"},
{"Bandito"},{"Freight Flat"},{"Streak Carriage"},{"Kart"},{"Mower"},{"Duneride"},{"Sweeper"},
{"Tug"},{"Trailer 3"},{"Emperor"},{"Wayfarer"},{"Euros"},{"Hotdog"},{"Club"},{"Freight Carriage"},
{"Trailer 3"},{"Andromada"},{"Dodo"},{"RC Cam"},{"Launch"},{"Police Car (LSPD)"},{"Police Car (SFPD)"},
{"Police Car (LVPD)"},{"Police Ranger"},{"Picador"},{"S.W.A.T. Van"},{"Alpha"},{"Phoenix"},{"Glendale"},
{"Sadler"},{"Luggage Trailer A"},{"Luggage Trailer B"},{"Stair Trailer"},{"Boxville"},{"Farm Plow"},
{"Utility Trailer"}

//************************************************** ****************************
// Forwards
//************************************************** ****************************

forward CarSpawner(playerid,model);
forward VehRes(vehicleid);
forward EraseVeh(vehicleid);
forward InVehTotal();
forward InCarCount();

//************************************************** ****************************


23/06/2012, 11:06 AM
[Edit] Anyone that can help me?



[Edit] Sorry i tough I was edit my question

23/06/2012, 11:16 AM
Well you can change the vehicle names to 1st 3 letters of every vehicle. For Example: Sultan can be wrote as Sul.

Randy More
23/06/2012, 11:17 AM
Dunno what you mean exactly, but do you mean you want to have /v spawning the vehicle with the full name of it or a shortcut of it?

If so, you can use strfind function if i am right for the params. of the command

23/06/2012, 11:20 AM
Now I mean:
/v is the command for spawn a vehicle (and a player will be automatically in)
When a player type /v
He will be see: * Sorry, you must be type /v <name>
Let we do as example an infernus.
When a player type /v infernus, he just spawned a infernus and will be automatically in the infernus.
But a player can type:

/v inf
/v infe
/v infer
/v infern
/v infernu
/v infernus

He can type everything for spawn a vehicle but the player need be max type the first three letters.
For spawn the vehicle that he want.

And how can I make the command /v

Randy More
23/06/2012, 11:29 AM
Try this then:

for(new veh; veh < sizeof(VehicleNames); veh++)
if(strfind(VehicleNames(veh), params, true) == -1) // Whatever you use for params.
// Your code of having the player in the vehicle.

23/06/2012, 11:30 AM
Oke thanks I gonna try it +rep

23/06/2012, 04:18 PM
It didnt work?
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