View Full Version : How do i make my server restart faster?

20/07/2012, 04:55 AM
I have a problem,whenever i restart my server,it takes about 15-30 Minutes to start up,On some servers they restart very quickly,what should i do?

20/07/2012, 04:59 AM
What do you mean? Like, a custom command to restart the server or are you exiting from the samp_server and opening it back up, and it taking 15 minutes.

If it takes 15 minutes to load a script after opening samp_server, your gamemode is shit.

20/07/2012, 05:04 AM
Then what should i do,change my game-mode?Isn't it just cause it has 104k lines?

20/07/2012, 05:04 AM
You probably have a lot of stuff under OnGameModeInit maybe you can check it and remove unnecessary stuff, also you can try benchmarking your code to see how much would it take to execute; checkout THIS (http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=218491) tutorial about benchmarking, but 30 minutes really?!

20/07/2012, 08:35 AM
Restart server normaly take only 50 seconds, Is just that your Server is loading the GM so slow.

20/07/2012, 08:52 AM
it depends on your net speed and btw <NO>!