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09/08/2013, 03:32 PM
COMMAND:acmds(playerid, params[])
if(PlayerInfo[playerid][AdminLevel] > 0)
new lvl1[200];
format(lvl1, sizeof(lvl1) , ""blue"%s"yellow"\n/spec /(on/off)duty /reports /mytime /asay /wanteds /jailed /frozen /muted /showguns /morning /miniguns", alevels[1]);
new lvl2[100];
format(lvl2, sizeof(lvl2), "\n\n"blue"%s"yellow"\n/eject /warn /slap /clearchat", alevels[2]);
new lvl3[300];
format(lvl3, sizeof(lvl3), "\n\n"blue"%s"yellow"\n/burn /ip /announce /goto /(un)mute /(un)freeze /setall(weather/time) /akill /car /setmoney", alevels[3]);
new lvl4[300];
format(lvl4, sizeof(lvl4), "\n\n"blue"%s"yellow"\n/enable /disable /crash /get /kick /move /healall /armourall /disarmall /ejectall /giveallweapon /set(score/armour/health) /aka", alevels[4]);
new lvl5[100];
format(lvl5, sizeof(lvl5), "\n\n"blue"%s"yellow"\n/togping /setadminlevel, /setviplevel, /ban", alevels[5]);
new lvl22[300];
strcat(lvl22, lvl1, sizeof(lvl22));
strcat(lvl22, lvl2, sizeof(lvl22));
new lvl33[500];
strcat(lvl33, lvl22, sizeof(lvl33));
strcat(lvl33, lvl3, sizeof(lvl33));
new lvl44[800];
strcat(lvl44, lvl33, sizeof(lvl44));
strcat(lvl44, lvl4, sizeof(lvl44));
new lvl55[900];
strcat(lvl55, lvl44, sizeof(lvl55));
strcat(lvl55, lvl5, sizeof(lvl55));

case 1: ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, CMD_DIALOG, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "Admin commands", lvl1, "Ok", "");
case 2: ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, CMD_DIALOG, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "Admin commands", lvl22, "Ok", "");
case 3: ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, CMD_DIALOG, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "Admin commands", lvl33, "Ok", "");
case 4: ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, CMD_DIALOG, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "Admin commands", lvl44, "Ok", "");
case 5: ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, CMD_DIALOG, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "Admin commands", lvl55, "Ok", "");
else SendClientMessage(playerid, RED, "Your admin level is not high enough for this command");
return 1;
This is a command to show all admin commands when I use /acmds when not admin then it says that your admin level is not high enough to use this command but when admin uses it it says server unknown command
can any one help

09/08/2013, 04:08 PM
try using this

if(PlayerInfo[playerid][AdminLevel] > 1)

09/08/2013, 04:12 PM
try using this

if(PlayerInfo[playerid][AdminLevel] > 1)

I think adminlevel >=1 because using adminlevel > 1 adminlevel 1 cant use this command

09/08/2013, 05:04 PM
try somethig like this

#define admincmd 123

new pt[700];
if(PlayerInfo[playerid][AdminLevel] < 1) return SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFF6262FF, "ERROR: you are not Admin");

if(PlayerInfo[playerid][AdminLevel] == 1)
strcat(pt, "/spec /(on/off)duty /reports /mytime /asay /wanteds /jailed /frozen /muted /showguns /morning /miniguns\n", sizeof(pt));
strcat(pt, "/eject /warn /slap /clearchat \n", sizeof(pt));
if(PlayerInfo[playerid][AdminLevel] == 2)
strcat(pt, "/eject /warn /slap /clearchat \n", sizeof(pt));
Another level's
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, admincmd, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "Helper", pt, "Ok", #);
return 1;

i just try help, sorry if i fail, i'm not a very good scripter

09/08/2013, 05:17 PM
PT i like your way and it also conservers memory i will use this one
But still i have question that why my command is not working when i use it previously it was working but now why its not

09/08/2013, 05:32 PM
don't show the dialog?
it's that?