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12/08/2013, 06:15 PM

I've been using Incognito's plugin since 2012, and I've always had this problem in my script. I have many dynamic objects (and static objects too, CreateObject I use for objects that can't be streamed, such as floors to avoid vehicles falling through the dynamic objects). I have systems where players can place furniture objects in their houses, police men can place roadblocks, and admins can place objects around the map. They all work with dynamic objects, but when someone places a roadblock, furniture, or object, the object just dissapears after a few seconds.

It's not destroyed by the script, it just dissapears. Oddly enough, this only happens with objects created on the run, and not ongamemodeinit (initial maps), such as the ones I mentioned, roadblocks and furniture and dynamic objects placed by admins. This isn't a limit problem, since this also happens when placing an object in the desert with nothing scripted there.

I have a Windows server in KingJ and the latest streamer version. This problem is mortifying me and I am looking for a solution.

Thanks, beforehand.

12/08/2013, 07:06 PM
Do you have any timers in your script that might be interfering with the objects in any way?

You can also shove these codes under OnGameModeInit:

Streamer_VisibleItems(STREAMER_TYPE_OBJECT, 500);

13/08/2013, 02:58 AM
Thanks for your reply, Emmet_

I tried that code to no avail and the problem persists. I have portions of DestroyDynamicObject but they destroy specific objects (objects attached to a vehicle at OnVehicleDeath, for example) and nothing that I should suspicious of.

Oddly enough, this happens only on my public server, not on my computer (localhost) where I perform my script tests. Should I try looking for another streamer (or write my own) for objects such as roadblocks and furniture that are created on the run?

13/08/2013, 04:01 AM
Is the object actually destroyed or does it just disappear at an unexpected range but reappear when close ?

14/08/2013, 03:50 AM

The object is destroyed until I manually re-create it, then it will be disappearing again. I need a fix for this, can you help me? Maybe I'm missing a library or something! :/