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22/09/2013, 01:08 PM
Ae Galera the Samp forum Help wanted a type I have a folder in scriptfiles Call race type wanted to make a Dialago to select races

With this command

if(strcmp(cmd, "/Criarcorrida", true) == 0)
if(pAdmin[playerid] != 6) return SendClientMessage(playerid, RED, "[ > ] Voce não tem permisao para usar este comando");
if(AutomaticRace == true) return SendClientMessage(playerid, RED, "[ > ] Não é possível. a corrida automático está habilitado!");
if(BuildRace != 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, RED, "[ > ] Há alguém construindo uma corrida!");
if(RaceBusy == 0x01 || RaceStarted == 1) return SendClientMessage(playerid, RED, "[ > ] Não há uma corrida atualmente. Espera primeiro até o fim dessa corrida"); //AKI O ERRO
if(isnull(cmd)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, RED, "[ > ] /Criarcorrida [Corrida Nome]"); //AKI O ERRO 2
LoadRace(playerid, cmd);
return 1;

here is the function loading Racing

function LoadRaceNames()
format(rNameFile, sizeof(rNameFile), "/rRaceSystem/RaceNames/RaceNames.txt");
TotalRaces = dini_Int(rNameFile, "TotalRaces");
Loop(x, TotalRaces)
format(string, sizeof(string), "Race_%d", x), strmid(RaceNames[x], dini_Get(rNameFile, string), 0, 20, sizeof(RaceNames));
printf(">> Loaded Races: %s", RaceNames[x]);
return 1;

Type the command you want appears in Dialago so that the dialago showing All Files scriptfiles Races Recorded folder ai ai I Select the Race

If anyone can help I already have several forms of tei gave more PVF not need help if someone can help me I thank you too

And I'm sorry my english Evil Grateful Thanks!

22/09/2013, 01:21 PM
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