View Full Version : set camera interior

17/11/2013, 09:43 AM
hi there i am making a script and i need to put a camera in the interior but i dont manage to do that.
is imposible or exist a function?

17/11/2013, 09:44 AM
when you set the players interior the camera follows as its part of the player.

17/11/2013, 09:47 AM
the player is in the interior when i put the camera function

17/11/2013, 09:50 AM
I assume you want to set the camera for a class selection? If so, use: http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=140360

It's really easy to do so!

If you mean something else, then you'll need to be more specific and explain it.

17/11/2013, 09:59 AM
i want to put the player "specing" a object so i make this function
stock specobjeto(playerid,objetoid)
new Float: x,Float: y,Float: z,Float:px,Float:py,Float:pz;
InterpolateCameraPos(playerid, py, py, pz, x, y, z+0.2, 1000, CAMERA_MOVE);
return 1;

but when i put the spec i dont see the object i see the sky soo i am wondering if i am in the interior or not.