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20/01/2014, 08:48 PM
hello guys can some one help me i want to know how i can do this
when a player is in a bus and he typed /driver and he have to get checkpoints but i want to make the time like example
when player is in checkpoint to send player message Please wait

and if some one help me to make the job Criminal to kill authorizens (cops)
help me please
-Diti .

20/01/2014, 09:47 PM
No one cant help me ??!!

21/01/2014, 12:34 AM
Use SetPlayerCheckPoint(playerid, Float: x, Float: y, Float: z, Float: size) when the command is used and then just display a message to the driver when he enters the checkpoint. When you enter a checkpoint, OnPlayerEnterCheckpoint(playerid) is called, so you place the message under that function. You could also freeze the driver to force him to wait for passengers and then use a timer to unfreeze him after say, for example, 10 seconds. I just hope you know how to make use of timers.

For example:

GameTextForPlayer(playerid, "You have reached a stop and should wait a few seconds for your passengers", 10000, 3);
TogglePlayerControllable(playerid, 0);
SetTimerEx("Unfreeze", 10000, false, "i", playerid);
return 1;

No problem.