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22/02/2014, 10:22 PM
Hi Alls.How To Use Lower Case (Tolower) On My Login and Register System ? This is my Login/register System OnPlayerConnect Pls Put on My system +Rep TnX I Need Thisss

new file[128]; // This get's the lenght of the file
GetPlayerName(playerid, pname, sizeof(pname)); // This get's the player name with the lenght of the player name
format(file, sizeof(file), savefolder,pname); // This describe's where to save and how to save it
if(!dini_Exists(file)) { // If the file exist
SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR_RED,"[INFO]{FFFFFF} Pls Register.");
dini_Create(file); // Create the file
dini_IntSet(file, "Score", 0); // Set's "Score"
dini_IntSet(file, "Money", 0); // Set's "Money"
SetPlayerScore(playerid, dini_Int(file, "Score")); // This describes where to load the score
SetPlayerCash(playerid, dini_Int(file, "Money"));
else {
SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR_RED,"[INFO]{FFFFFF} Pls Login");
SetPlayerScore(playerid, dini_Int(file, "Score"));
SetPlayerCash(playerid, dini_Int(file, "Money"));

22/02/2014, 10:43 PM
format(file, sizeof(file), savefolder,tolower(pname));

22/02/2014, 10:44 PM
Xo I Use This But Not Load Money And Score In linux Vps.Pls Help Me i Need This

22/02/2014, 10:58 PM
Help Me I Need This I Realy Need This TnX

22/02/2014, 11:12 PM
Rename all your ini files of users on your host ( if it's linux ) move to the users dir and

rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' *

22/02/2014, 11:21 PM
Rename all your ini files of users on your host ( if it's linix ) move to the users dir and

rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' *

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