View Full Version : [HELP] Invalid row or field index

06/03/2014, 11:14 PM
Hello I have one problem so everything was fine set in the gamemode and in the database and I get this warning for 52 but that row exist and I set like the others

[01:13:05] [WARNING] CMySQLResult::GetRowData - invalid row ('0') or field index ('52')

and one more thing I was register on my server and then was everything fine I check mysql log level is set to 1 and money set to 600 and know I was enter on server and I get level 600 and money 1 they somehow switch beacuse was level is 1 and money is 600 I check loading and rows and fine like was in script row 5 is level and row 6 is money but they somehow switch I don't know why? Can you help me? Thanks