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04/04/2014, 08:57 PM
In a sercer I play in
They have a cmd to use wen u donate to owner and then he gives u the thing u donated for, the cmd is called /shopkey
When the owner gives u the item code,u go server and type /shopkey (code) and then the item goes to u
How can this be done?

04/04/2014, 09:03 PM
A way could be with MySQL. The owner, for example, makes a key in a table and the item to give(whether it being a vehicle or a weapon) and when you type in the "name" of the key, it'll grab the data from the database and process it, giving you the item.
For example, the table could be:
ID, Name(being the key), vehicle(Yes or no or being the ID of a vehicle), Weapon(yes or no or being the ID of weapon)

This is personally the way I'd do it.