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16/04/2014, 02:44 PM

I've made my own registration system, but when I start the server and when someone registers, the player is automatically kicked.
And a file called mysql_log is created in my server folder.
The MySQL log tells me this :

[WARNING] cache_get_row_count - no active cache
[WARNING] cache_affected_rows - no active cache
[ERROR] CMySQLQuery::Execute[] - (error #1136) Column count doesn't match value count at row 1

When i process a query, i do like this :

new query[512];
format(query, sizeof(query), "SELECT * FROM `Joueurs` WHERE `pseudo` = '%s'", GetName(playerid));
mysql_tquery(handle, query);

Then, I use cache_num_rows to chose which dialog must displays

if(cache_num_rows() > 0)
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, D_LOGIN, DPSW, login, "Valider", "");
return 1;
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, D_REGISTER, DPSW, regis, "Valider", "");
return 1;

What's wrong ? Or how must I set an active cache ?
I read the wiki about cache_set_active but I didn't understood at all.