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17/04/2014, 02:25 PM
A few years ago I reported a bug with the foggy weather types. I had used this screenshot:
and some others to display the problem back then.
As you can see on the screenshot the player in the distance is perfectly visible as if there is no fog between the camera and the player.
This basicly renders the foggy weather types useless for gamemodes that revolve around players being stealthy as it actually makes the players more visible with fog on than with fog off.
What you can also see on the screenshot is that the weapon held by the player in the front does have some sort of effect applied to it that matches the fog colour.
When testing this and switching weather types the weapon changes colour with the weather type however the player characters do not.

I've been playing around with SA-MP a bit again since recently with an unfinished project I still had laying around and noticed this problem is still in the game. I went out to look if there are more people reporting problems with this and to my surprise I cannot find anything about it. This leads me to believe that I am actually doing something wrong that causes this problem and that is why I am posting this thread in the Scripting Help section.
So for now my question is if anyone else has ran into this problem as well or if anyone has any information on what causes it or what I am doing wrong?
I have asked a few friends to test it with me and they all saw this problem, they have different graphics cards than the one I have so I don't think that has much to do with it either.

17/04/2014, 02:48 PM
Sorry but.. that doesnt cause anything bad man!!!
this isnt gta 5 to be perfect....
Even gta 5 isnt perfect

17/04/2014, 05:04 PM
Sorry but.. that doesnt cause anything bad man!!!
this isnt gta 5 to be perfect....
Even gta 5 isnt perfect
Sigh, I was kind of hoping for serious replies...

I did not ask for an opinion about how this breaks things or not.

Anyway this has worked fine in some of the early 0.2 versions of SA-MP, I don't remember on which one it stopped working correctly and I cannot find the post I made back then that has that information. Right now I don't even know if it is caused by me doing something wrong. I did test with the Rivershell gamemode that is supplied with the SA-MP server package and that has the same problem so I'm starting to doubt that it is me doing something wrong.