View Full Version : CJ running anims after F4 class selection

26/03/2015, 09:22 PM
On 0.3.7 RC3 if I return to class selection after death then respawn I have CJ's running animations. Does anyone else have this issue?

26/03/2015, 10:41 PM
Just anims or CJ skin aswell ?

if its CJ with a cigarette in his hands, it means you have something wrong at the spawn.

Alex Magaņa
26/03/2015, 10:51 PM
Try to check OnPlayerSpawn or OnPlayerConnect if something missing or mixed! As iKey07 said if cj holds a cigarrete it's kinda bug with your scripting.!

26/03/2015, 11:07 PM
It's nothing to do with my script and it's not CJ it's just his ped anims.

27/03/2015, 01:23 AM
@Edit: nvm, fixed in RC3-3.

27/03/2015, 06:14 AM
BeckzyBoi, can you please get back to us and confirm that it's not happening anymore after updating to RC3-3?

27/03/2015, 05:10 PM
It's fixed. Thanks :)