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17/07/2015, 12:53 PM
Hey guyz i wanna make a command the let admins write commands for other players like /writecommand (playerid) (command)
Can you help me?
Thanks !
Ironmen :D

17/07/2015, 01:20 PM
Nice idea ! i want this too lol

17/07/2015, 01:26 PM
Is this possible to do this?

17/07/2015, 01:37 PM
...No but you can script a filterscript and load it while the server runs and then only active this command for a special player ;)

17/07/2015, 02:19 PM
Can anyone help me?!?!

Alex Magaņa
17/07/2015, 02:22 PM
...No but you can script a filterscript and load it while the server runs and then only active this command for a special player ;)

I would agree with this.
OP: I'm not sure this is possible and if its possible it needs scripting knowledge.

17/07/2015, 02:29 PM
No-.. that's not even possible. Cuz lets say that I do /writecommand 11 /car . And /car creats a car with ID color X, with X components and etc.

It won't work cuz that commands needs to script AUTOMATICALLY in the .PWN gamemode.. If this was even possible everyone could make a GM..

17/07/2015, 02:53 PM
I think it is possible as you can create a text file using some scripting then you can also create a Filterscript(Only this) because in GM it would be hard i think. A best example is "tedit" which allows you to get some ideas about your question answer.

17/07/2015, 03:08 PM
if(AccInfo[playerid][Level] >= 5)
new tmp[256], tmp2[256], Index;
tmp = strtok(params,Index);
tmp2 = strtok(params,Index);

if(!strlen(tmp) || !strlen(tmp2)) return
SendClientMessage(playerid, LIGHTBLUE2, "Usage: /fakecmd [PlayerID] [Command]") &&
SendClientMessage(playerid, orange, "Function: Will sending a false Command used per Specified player");

new player1 = strval(tmp);
if(AccInfo[player1][Level] == ServerInfo[MaxAdminLevel] && AccInfo[playerid][Level] != ServerInfo[MaxAdminLevel])
return SendClientMessage(playerid,red,"ERROR: You cannot use this command on this admin");
if(IsPlayerConnected(player1) && player1 != INVALID_PLAYER_ID)
CallRemoteFunction("OnPlayerCommandText", "is", player1, tmp2);
return SendClientMessage(playerid,blue,"|- Fake command sent! -|");
else return ErrorMessages(playerid, 2);
else return ErrorMessages(playerid, 1);

This code i got from LuxAdmin script, it wont work since no defines or anything
Its idea for how to make it :D

17/07/2015, 03:11 PM
How it's not possible ? it is.
It's called "fakecmd" and can be found in many admin systems. I used it in LuxAdmin.

Alex Magaņa
17/07/2015, 03:24 PM
You both are out of topic, he didn't want a fake command.

17/07/2015, 04:04 PM
He wants to make that command when an admin time "createcommand" or how he said TO IMPLEMENT in the SCRIPT a command. So, he wants to type createcommand car and then that COMMAND IMPLEMENTS and CREATES a script on his GAMEMODE with the command, which in my exemple is car.