View Full Version : Problem streaming in objects on class selection

30/07/2015, 01:55 PM
Before I had a problem, that the player would not see Streamer Plugin objects when he was choosing a class (OnPlayerRequestClass).

I managed to fix this by pre-loading the objects there, for example: Streamer_UpdateEx(playerid, -1531.6973,2659.6013,71.8764);

Everything was working fine.. until I started showing a welcome textdraw. So when player connects, I do:
TogglePlayerSpectating(playerid, 1);

And after he has finished the register dialog:
TogglePlayerSpectating(playerid, 1);

This way he doesen't get sent to class selection too early, he stays at the default login background.

But this caused a problem for me.. when I use TogglePlayerSpectating, then the streamer objects wont get pre-loaded! It starts working when a player has spawned 1 time (because then there is no TogglePlayerSpectating).

So is there a fix so the objects could still be seen OnPlayerRequestClass? I need this because the classes are at different locations and there are objects which the player is standing on.

30/07/2015, 03:56 PM