View Full Version : Help with dialog and mysql

30/07/2015, 09:41 PM
Hello, I need help using dialogs and mysql maybe somebody can help me :)

I have dialog that displays names from the mysql

new name[32];
mysql_get_field("user", result);
myStrcpy(name, result);
str_replace(name, '_', ' ');
format(iString,sizeof(iString),""COL_WHITE"- %s\n", name);
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, 1005, DIALOG_STYLE_LIST, "Matches found", string, "Select", "");

In next dialog I want to show data from selected name but I don't know how to select the data from mysql

For example, in this first dialog I have list

- User1
- User2

When I select one of them I want to select data like
SELECT * FROM players WHERE user = 'User1 or User2'

But I don't know what to write in User 1 or User2 place