View Full Version : Slice's Timer Fix include --> timer public function isn't getting called

02/01/2016, 03:50 PM
I'll try to explain my code & issue. So I have one repeating low interval timer (10 ms), that timer gets destroyed after few calls (inside of public for this timer). And when I kill this timer, afterwards 1 row down I'm starting one 8 second NON repeat timer, but here problem shows, the public body isn't getting called, and I have no idea why. Then I've enabled debug in include and it showed this:

(TimerFix) DEBUG: Timer created; 1 = "ShowMaintenanceIB".
(TimerFix) DEBUG: Calling: ShowMaintenanceIB()
(TimerFix) DEBUG: Killed timer 1 ("ShowMaintenanceIB").
(TimerFix) DEBUG: Timer created; 1 = "HoldMaintenanceInfoBox".
(TimerFix) DEBUG: Timer 1 ("HoldMaintenanceInfoBox") finished.

When I don't use timerfix include, it's getting called.

//Edit if set timer repeating to 1 the public gets called