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22/02/2016, 07:38 PM
I want to add text and a string in a dialog on the same time.
For example.
ShowPlayerDialog(playerid,DIALOG_MEMBERS,DIALOG_ST YLE_TABLIST_HEADERS,"Members:","Text"string,"Select","Cancel");

How can I do that.

22/02/2016, 08:02 PM
"string" is a datatype or the name of your variable....

You can not add a text infront of your tablist, you'd need to use some textdraw instead, I remember there being some includes that are creating "custom dialogs" that could make something like this possible.

You'd have to add the "Text" into your stringvariable, although then you'd need to change the dialog style to a msgbox...
Or you can write some of the text into the caption, although the size of the caption is limited and won't store long text..

So either use a "custom dialog" created out of textdraws, change your dialog style, or forget it...
Alternatively you could first display a msgbox dialog saying the text and then afterwards the tablist