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12/12/2016, 04:46 AM
Hey guys,

I've been quite annoyed with some cleo hackers in our server recently. So I was thinking if it is possible to make an anti cheat script for the detection of cleo only.

Basically, it would just detect if ANY cleo mod is loaded in the player's gta OR it would detect if cleo files are found in the player's directory of GTA SA. Upon detection, it would kick with a reason "CLEO is not allowed on this server, delete it"

So last but not least, as you may have guessed, the purpose of this script is very simple which is to prevent every type of cleo hack in the server. According to me, this will be very helpful for us at least.

Can anyone help me on the creation of this or at least explain in steps what to do where?

12/12/2016, 06:37 AM
There are some possible ways that you can do, use a custom launcher that detects cleos OR download cleo scripts and check their source code and their functions and make an anti cheat that works according to the cleo script functions. There aren't any other way that I am aware of.

EDIT: If this kind of thing existed, then no hackers would be able to play, earlier versions of SA-MP featured anti cheats but people bypassed it, so yeah, using custom launchers isn't worth at some point.

EDIT 2: Not all CLEOs are harmful, some of them are used for improving the game-play features. If you take a look at LS-RP/ COD-RWW/ NGG/ COD-GW or any other high reputed server, they all make anti cheats using the way I've told above in the main post.

EDIT 3: Use a timer, loop through all players (use GetPlayerPoolSize function), check for is player connected, and then make check statements for example.

for(new i, j = GetPlayerPoolSize(); i < j; i++) {
if(IsPlayerConnected(i)) {
if(GetPlayerWeapon(i) == 36) {
BanEx(i, "Heat Seeker Rocket");
if(....) {
return 1;

12/12/2016, 07:21 AM
Just make anti cheats for the cheats they use.