View Full Version : When i leaving checkpoints its removed

17/12/2016, 11:09 AM
Hi everyone... I need to Fix a checkpoints when I enter the checkpoint and leave it Its automacily removing But when I exit the SHOP And Joined it Its back

CP_BankRobbing = CreateDynamicCP(2316.6199,-7.4795,26.7422,2.0, -1,-1,-1, 100.0);

How to I can put it not removing? still When a play enter it and leave it make it still

17/12/2016, 11:29 AM
You don't know why it's called 'DYNAMIC', SA-MP/ GTA SA ENGINE has a limit of checkpoints, objects, pickups you can handle and to overcome the limits, we use DYNAMIC ones, DYNAMIC ones are deleted when player goes far from the checkpoint/ object/ pickup stream distance and are created when player is in range.

EDIT: Also, Streamer is a plugin which is faster than Pawn code.