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11/04/2017, 02:45 PM
So I have never made any script before, today I want to start?

I assume it wont be best to start with MySQL? What would you guys say is best for a beginner? I want to save the player stats.

11/04/2017, 02:46 PM
I suggest you to learn MySQL and start with that as other saving systems are getting older day by day, mysql keeps updating and is better, you can also get the data from an application or website.

11/04/2017, 02:46 PM
Start Y_INI ---> EasyDB ---> SQLite ---> MySQL End

11/04/2017, 02:46 PM
Well, I would say.. You first need a good database design and decide on what data you want to save that will be important. Mysql is not a bad idea but probably a bad idea for beginners to start using. Start with Y_INI.

11/04/2017, 02:51 PM
So Y_INI? Or start to learn MySQL?

11/04/2017, 03:14 PM
Maybe, start by saving just a player name in a simple, and a single *.txt file? I'm just saying, I'm no expert in this, I hope this may help you to get started. Maybe, you will just continue writing into that single *.txt file in the future too, when you are finally ready to release your server. More information can be found here (http://wiki.sa-mp.com/wiki/Fwrite).

11/04/2017, 03:15 PM

11/04/2017, 04:44 PM
Easy to say to learn MySQL when you've already learnt it... Just work with getting into scripting rather than learning another language simply for the sake of saving some files/information...

Use inis, but just make provision for changing the method of saving later.