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15/04/2017, 09:00 PM
Hello folks!

I found this gorgeous include online today back in 2014 by Hesse. I am writing my own vehicle system, and I downloaded as a include, and I put it in my gamemode as a include #include handling. My question is.. even if I don't use any of the natives I get error back.. I didn't edit the include it's the original codes, but it doesn't want to work for me, any ideas would be great!

Topic: http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=514071
Include Code: https://github.com/l0nger/SAMP-Handling/blob/master/handling.inc


C:\Users\Desktop\samp037_svr_R2-1-1_win32\pawno\include\handling.inc(382) : error 001: expected token: "-identifier-", but found "("
C:\Users\Desktop\samp037_svr_R2-1-1_win32\pawno\include\handling.inc(384) : error 010: invalid function or declaration
C:\Users\Desktop\samp037_svr_R2-1-1_win32\pawno\include\handling.inc(387) : error 001: expected token: "-identifier-", but found "("
C:\Users\Desktop\samp037_svr_R2-1-1_win32\pawno\include\handling.inc(389) : error 010: invalid function or declaration

15/04/2017, 09:16 PM

#define GetVehicleDriveType(%0) (sampHandling[getVehicleMID(%0)][esh_driveType])
#define GetVehicleEngineType(%0) (sampHandling[getVehicleMID(%0)][esh_engineType])


#define GetVehicleDriveType(%0)\32;(sampHandling[getVehicleMID(%0)][esh_driveType])
#define GetVehicleEngineType(%0)\32;(sampHandling[getVehicleMID(%0)][esh_engineType])

on line 21 and 22; the include should still work as per normal.

15/04/2017, 09:23 PM
Thank you so much LEOTorres, script works great now! Thank You.