View Full Version : missing death animation

02/08/2017, 01:01 AM

my problem is when i die like fall damage or get shoot in fight etc, i directly spawn on the hospital. I want first get death animation (when camera goes up in the sky (2D view) and then the spawn on the hospital

What did i wrong or did i forget something with OnPlayerDeath or SetPlayerSpawn??


02/08/2017, 01:08 AM
First make an variable when player is about to die and u can set his health to 1 or smth so he wont directly respawn , once you do that play the animation of death whatever it is and set your camera pos at location you want , then execute a timer for X minutes for player to spawn at hospital or smth.

02/08/2017, 01:18 AM
Thats the way to create a own animation but samp has already a standard death animation like singleplayer.

Here is a video example what i mean