View Full Version : Toll system request

14/08/2017, 06:01 PM
Hey, I just started a rp server and need some script to be done + hiring scripter
What I want:

- When you drive into a toll, it should give you message like Hint: /opentoll to open the toll and /closetoll to close it, and $30 dollars are getting of the player (message to player: You paid $30 toll, have a nice day!).

- Also the toll is checking the players wanted lvl, when it is higher than 3 stars, there will be a message: You cant enter the toll, your wanted level is too high, look for another route! (just in the chat(red))

- It have to be easy to edit (so I can add more toll in the future by myself).

The best would be a filterscript, but if not possible I cant put it in the main script (or maybe an include?)

There should be total 4 cmd /opentoll /closetoll and 2 for cop /locktoll and /unlocktoll the cmds are self explanatory so no need to describe it + my script use isplayeraleo to check if player is a cop or not

Leave your reply if you can help me with this! Or add me on skype @mustaqeem.karo