View Full Version : Sort of /onduty command

16/08/2017, 05:11 PM
NOTE: I'm no scripting newbie.

Everybody knows the LSRP onduty command, right? When every PD/SD/FD person goes onduty, the PD/SD/FD value increases by one.
How can I have it do that? I thought of doing this.
(ignore the indentation, im not going to indent it by spamming spacebar 4 times)

new FDPlayers;
new PDPlayers;
new SDPlayers;

then everytime somebody goes onduty, depending on their faction i would do FDPlayers++; or SDPlayers++; then when they go off-duty i would do FDPlayers = FDPlayers-1; or SDPlayers = SDPlayers-1; etc.
Would that work?

16/08/2017, 05:45 PM
Yes. Also here is a tip:

new Variable = 10;
//You can use this:
Variable--; //To decrease a variable.
//Which basically means:
Variable= Variable - 1;