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01/02/2018, 12:37 AM
Help me here please, i want to make a cmd that spawns car with color1 and 2 but at the same time if the person dont put anything on color1 or 2 these colors come randomly and i was getting sscanf error untill now, but now they simply come black, both colors if you can help me i would be really gratefull

new VeiculoID,Veiculo[25], colour1, colour2;

if(sscanf(params, "s[25]I()I()",Veiculo,colour1,colour2)) SendClientMessage(playerid, Branco, "Uso: /Car [nome] [cor] [cor2]");

01/02/2018, 12:58 AM
Does the value of

sscanf(params, "s[25]I(-1)I(-1)");

Not work?

01/02/2018, 01:11 AM
thank you so much, i've been away from pawn for 3 years, didn't remembered