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13/06/2018, 05:34 PM

Some time players mysql data not loading quickly when i got players got more than 50 or 60+
I read a lot of post on the forums about after trying a lot i not able to fix it.
I even calling all mysql callbacks with pquery and UPDATE with tquery. I'm not using any where loop to call the data from the mysql.

Well let me Explain how my system work.
First I check from mysql when some body connect is his ip or name is in banlist or not ,if not in banlist than show login dialogs if he is banned kick him.

Here is where Login dialogs taking alot to time to appear almost try to relog 3 to 4 time to connect then dialogs appear.

As some people mentioned i also increase the pool size to 4 also using latest mysql plugin and include.

Some more points i am saving/UPDATE kills / death / cash when some body die.

Kindly help me out Thanks.

13/06/2018, 06:04 PM
If mysql logging is set to ALL, it will be slower. Other than that, post the query about the login dialog that takes too long and maybe even try to run it on phpMyAdmin and compare them.

Using parallel queries might be worse in some cases and changing the pool size will not matter if server cannot support it.