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21/07/2018, 01:59 PM
hello guys. i need a help.

and so, when I run the server comes out an inscription: *** YSI Error: No YSI classes found

this is not all, when I give out a weapon or get it through anything, this message comes out.
[11:02:37] [debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds"
[11:02:37] [debug] Attempted to read/write array element at index 300 in array of size 51
[11:02:37] [debug] AMX backtrace:
[11:02:37] [debug] #0 0014eb58 in Callback_Call (result[E_CALLBACK_DATA:4]=@00000000, ... <4 arguments>) at C:\Users\Jimmy\Desktop\SARP\pawno\include\samodule s\invertory\inv.pwn:87
[11:02:37] [debug] #1 00088d30 in ?? (... <5 arguments>) at C:\Users\Jimmy\Desktop\SARP\pawno\include\YSI\y_di alog.inc:332
[11:02:37] [debug] #2 0001a740 in public OnDialogResponse (playerid=0, dialogid=0, response=1, listitem=1, inputtext[]=@023bf1f8 "[2] ") at C:\Users\Jimmy\Desktop\SARP\pawno\include\YSI\y_ho oks/impl.inc:2257

with the help - I will put + the reputation.

21/07/2018, 02:19 PM
The first is quite descriptive - you didnít add any classes (via Class_Add and similar functions).

The second error is a buffer overflow in your code.

thx, what is it? \pawno\include\YSI\internal\..\internal\y_natives. inc(65) : fatal error 100: cannot read from file: "y_globaltags"

21/07/2018, 02:27 PM
thx, what is it? \pawno\include\YSI\internal\..\internal\y_natives. inc(65) : fatal error 100: cannot read from file: "y_globaltags"

You are missing an YSI file. Redownload from the GitHub: https://github.com/pawn-lang/YSI-Includes