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24/07/2018, 08:30 AM
Hi all. Maybe somebody knows, how to find missing {} ? I know, that I have some missing brackets, because gm doesn't compiling and I can't find them, because gm have a lot of lines... How to find them? Maybe there are some online finders?
P.S I tried use some bracket founders from this page, but they doesn't work for me :/

24/07/2018, 02:08 PM
-Use an online character counter. Take small part of your script and put it under checker. It will show you number of '{' and '}'. Once you found which part of code is missing something, proceed to next part.

-Now, you have 3 Choices.
+Paste the part of code with missing bracket inside Notepad++ to check one by one which bracket is missing its partner.
+Or use Visual Studio (or VS Code) if you have em
+Or use some online IDE which shows which bracket is paired with which to check manually.

Pro Tip: Once you found which part is missing a bracket, try to cut that code into even smaller code and check for missing brackets. Do this until you find a missing one and then you'll probably not even need to use Notepad++ or VS. Dont stop once you found a missing bracket, check your whole code. May be you have more than one missing brackets. Checking whole code is recommended.