View Full Version : MAX Dynamic Objects

31/07/2018, 10:00 AM

Im just wondering if anyone knows a way on how to get around max dynamic objects that can be streamed in gta.. I have a function that creates dynamic objects around the world completely randomly using map andreas, but for example, it is stable if I create only 500-1000 of them at once, if I do more than that it crashes, but i'd like to make 10000 or 20000 since thats what I found perfect for whole map.. any ideas how to make that many without server crash? again, im using dynamicobject from icognitos streamer

31/07/2018, 10:44 AM
As far as I believe it's nothing related to the streamer, its just something related to overloading the script asking him to create 10k or 20k objects at the same time, So he'll just crash, try making a timer or something that creates 1k objects every 5 seconds, until you reach 10k or 20k.. This would work I guess.

31/07/2018, 02:36 PM