View Full Version : Arabic support

22/03/2019, 07:07 PM

Is it possible to add the Arabic language to the server messages? I mean, in a way that players wouldn't need to download the language or change settings.

I wanted to include the language in my server and I'm curious whether I can properly implement it without difficulties for the players/newbies?

Thank you.

23/03/2019, 01:29 PM
I think pawn supports only UTF-32 character encoding and for arabic you will need UTF-8.

23/03/2019, 03:47 PM
Use sublime text 3. Copy whole file content, select it with ctrl + A, go to File >> Reopen with encoding >> Select your language. Arabic symbols in your file might suck up, thats why you copied whole file before. Select it again with Ctrl + A and paste previously copied content, Ctrl + V. Save file, compile and you should be able to see Arabic or whatever you selected symbols in samp.