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Conversation Between SchurmanCQC and Crystallize
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  1. Crystallize
    20/07/2015 06:56 PM
    Just because nobody agrees I should stop? hell no I make my own rules
    Basically everybody have the rights to make polls/ask things except me? Fuck off
  2. SchurmanCQC
    20/07/2015 06:54 PM
    My post meant it? No, I meant stop calling everyone kids and getting butthurt and throwing insults and insert childish behavior here. You're only making yourself look really stupid, and no one is agreeing with you.
  3. Crystallize
    20/07/2015 06:53 PM
    your post meant it
  4. SchurmanCQC
    20/07/2015 06:52 PM
    The fuck? When did I ever say that?
  5. Crystallize
    20/07/2015 06:49 PM
    lol you say dont create topics in everything and nothing section but looks yours thats my point get shrekt m8

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