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Conversation Between Mencent and notime
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  1. Mencent
    23/07/2015 02:30 PM
    I do this because I want it. So, you have to accept it.
  2. notime
    23/07/2015 02:26 PM
    I never said I have a problem, like, look at my previous comment, I litterly said "I dont have a problem with you". There is no problem. I just want to know why you waste space by adressing you name 3 times instead of a normal person doing it once?
  3. Mencent
    23/07/2015 02:20 PM
    Where is the problem know?
  4. notime
    23/07/2015 02:18 PM
    I dont have a problem with you, but its weird af. It doesnt add any value to the post.
  5. Mencent
    23/07/2015 02:16 PM
    Well. If you have a problem with me and my way you can, and should, send me a PM. So, it is my thing wheather I write "- Mencent" at the end of a post or not.

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