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Conversation Between Fj0rtizFredde and JesterlJoker
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  1. JesterlJoker
    07/03/2017 06:34 AM
    thanks for the dijkstra, I already have an idea for this but it will take time to implement since the whole world map is too big to finish in one day and it would take time for all the testing since there might be bugs and we don't want that for the filterscript. I am also planning to add an include for the FGPS system... It would hold the dijkstra algorithm and it will also call out the nodes on the map of the whole san andreas. If this works out more and more people will be able to understand the basic concept behind all those big shot GPS system... Praytell that it works. It'll also take time since I'll be using the algorithm first on my gamemode before doing it in FGPS but ones it works perfectly on my gamemode I'll make the update as soon as possible. I'll also make a pull request again on the FGPS on your github and also give you a link on the include I'll be making. You might be able to add something up. Hoping to give an update in the future
  2. JesterlJoker
    21/02/2017 02:00 AM
    Thanks but I'm crying right now. Math... again... I hate math with a passion but I think it's time to set our differences aside and be friends again...
  3. Fj0rtizFredde
    20/02/2017 06:44 PM
    Sound good Here is a include that could help you with calculations:
  4. JesterlJoker
    19/02/2017 09:16 PM
    Oh yeah, I'll still be pushing updates there too soon if I finalized an update that it works. I'll keep pushing it there until I have no more to spare. It depends on my imagination though, so I can't really update most of the time since like I said I'm creating my own gamemode and thanks to your filterscript I found what I wanted but I still need to update that the pointer will literally follow the road and not just point on the point of checkpoint. If I make that I'll add it in the filterscript and see what improvement I can add to it.
  5. Fj0rtizFredde
    19/02/2017 06:11 PM
    No problem. Nice to see that you pushed out updates.
  6. JesterlJoker
    18/02/2017 12:13 AM
    Sorry for not linking the thread on your github. I didn't want to bother you with opening another issue.

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