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Conversation Between Infinity and Crystallize
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  1. Crystallize
    03/08/2017 01:56 PM
    No I just copy pasted OP message since he said "also why are you using pragma tabsize" I haven't lost I never lose.

    And yes we are here to have fun and not argue about stupid things but you seem to be quoting me everywhere I post just chill.
  2. Infinity
    03/08/2017 01:46 PM
    Err what? Let's summarize the events. A random dude on this forum called out someone who had included the server executables in his release, and used that #pragma.

    You reply to him quoting that OP is a noob and telling him to stop acting smart.

    I reply to you saying that the things he mentioned are listed in the rules.

    You said this was not the case, and told me to "STFU, don't try to outsmart people and fail", after which you continued this over visitor messages.

    I quoted the exact rules.

    I can only assume that what you're doing now is trying to turn this into one big troll. You tend to so that when you now you're wrong, know you've lost and you've backed yourself into a corner. I'm just saying, there's no need to be this hostile on here. (goes for me as well) In the end we're all here to have fun right?
  3. Crystallize
    03/08/2017 01:41 PM
    lmao u are still being ignorant.
    just because I paste something doesn't mean I was talking about the whole sentence , you're wrong.
    Anyway cut this and stop attacking me all the time I have nothing against you but seems like you do.
  4. Infinity
    03/08/2017 01:17 PM
    Read the second quote..? And dude, let's not be this hostile. It's not needed.
  5. Crystallize
    03/08/2017 09:38 AM
    I was talking about pragma tabsize, prick.
  6. Infinity
    03/08/2017 02:12 AM
    Quote #1
    "Scripts Only - You may not redistribute the SAMP server/client executables. Only upload scripts and supporting files/folders."

    Quote #2
    "Banned Code - There is a certain "#pragma" that can be used to hide significant warnings and produce unreadable code - DO NOT advocate its use if you know what it is; it is TERRIBLE practice and we want to get rid of it."

    Really, there's no reason for you to (keep) act(ing) like a stuck up twat. You could have looked this up yourself instead of trying to somehow be the alpha male by continuing a useless argument...
  7. Crystallize
    02/08/2017 04:37 PM
    "I apologize for the stupidity of my fellow members"

    Should've been "I apologize for my stupidity and for being idiotic to everyone" you might want to edit your signature, prick.
  8. Crystallize
    01/01/2017 11:45 PM
    Im telling you I was joking I cant have a conversation with you when you are negative in everything okay I apologize for trolling and joking with you can you do the same if youre a man?
  9. Infinity
    01/01/2017 11:33 PM
    What ego? Again, you're just saying random stuff and acting like a tough guy. I'm willing to have a conversation with you if you're at least able to act normally...
  10. Crystallize
    01/01/2017 11:25 PM
    Youre an idiot lmao talk to me when you get a higher iq to understand things and gtfo with ur ego

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