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Conversation Between SkyT and jlalt
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  1. jlalt
    29/01/2017 05:33 AM
    :# thought you meant they are only the new messages D: however I got +500 so far ;-;

    Sent messages +300 :#
  2. SkyT
    29/01/2017 05:23 AM
    Haha you don't understood my mesaage, your reply doesnt make sense, and no is not that hard ;d
  3. jlalt
    29/01/2017 05:11 AM
    Yes actually its not hard all I need is beauti girl on my avatar and change gender to woman and act like a woman which searches for a lil fun... not hard at all is it?
  4. SkyT
    28/01/2017 08:59 PM
    I've got 49 messages and I am Big Clucker, can you do it? I don't think so
  5. SkyT
    28/01/2017 04:35 AM
    Who who??
  6. jlalt
    28/01/2017 04:31 AM
    Someone got same vaule of reps and posts ;-;

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