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Conversation Between =WoR=G4M3Ov3r and RayW
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  1. =WoR=G4M3Ov3r
    05/04/2013 07:49 AM
    Hehe, yeah I can see that

    One of these requests is mine xD. Anyways good luck with it, it might take some time
  2. RayW
    05/04/2013 07:16 AM
    Theres lots of requests, yes, and I'm not exactly a private person.
  3. =WoR=G4M3Ov3r
    05/04/2013 07:02 AM
    Nothing, I meant every time you login, you're reading the name request thread

    I don't know much about you =/
  4. RayW
    05/04/2013 07:00 AM
  5. =WoR=G4M3Ov3r
    05/04/2013 06:47 AM
    Poor ol' Ray, lol.
  6. =WoR=G4M3Ov3r
  7. =WoR=G4M3Ov3r
    25/08/2011 02:03 AM
    Ugh.. Nvm
  8. RayW
    25/08/2011 02:00 AM
    You press the reputation icon in someone's post, their rep goes up. Simple.
  9. =WoR=G4M3Ov3r
    25/08/2011 01:35 AM
    Ray, May you tell me how the Reputation system work ?^^, Its Freaking me out.

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