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Conversation Between HeLiOn_PrImE and rangerxxll
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  1. HeLiOn_PrImE
    31/08/2017 06:36 PM
    Gonna take a while. Like a few months, because I'm more focused on my career at the moment.
    If you have any suggestions regarding the map, they're always welcome.
  2. rangerxxll
    31/08/2017 01:51 PM
    Not a problem. Definitely message me when you get more time on your hands. Love your work.
  3. HeLiOn_PrImE
    31/08/2017 12:10 PM
    Can't afford taking on SA-MP again right now. But thanks for the offer.
    If I do get back into mapping, I'd like the feedback on this, because I have started to make an expansion, but time didn't allow me to finish.

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