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Conversation Between Gammix and Hunud
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  1. Hunud
    23/01/2018 08:24 PM
    Thanks anyway..
  2. Gammix
    23/01/2018 07:54 PM
    Well i was writing it on my phone, anyways you got the idea.
  3. Hunud
    23/01/2018 07:13 PM
    About the code you share with me. The count doesn't go like 10..9..8..7 etc. It goes like 8...6..4..2.. 1. How to fix that ? Thanks
  4. Hunud
    23/01/2018 03:53 PM
    Thanks for the help, I was just looking for a small example but you did whole code for me.
  5. Hunud
    25/06/2017 02:50 PM
    Got it?
  6. Hunud
    11/06/2017 09:59 AM
    I need "" in your topic here ( )

    Seems like link is broken and i need correct version! Thanks
  7. Gammix
    16/05/2017 03:40 PM
    Gammix was made by SickAttack and its a fail, it crashes when you type any command.
    So use IZCMD/ZCMD instead. I only wanted to switch to CMD since i was using sscanf2 already and used sscanf2!
  8. Hunud
    16/05/2017 02:27 PM
    IZCMD instead of CMD ? LOL!
  9. Hunud
    13/01/2017 04:59 PM
    check pm

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