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Conversation Between Blademaster680 and 0B3Y
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  1. 0B3Y
    28/07/2014 04:44 AM
    I've re-downloaded my skype See ya' there
  2. Blademaster680
    26/07/2014 04:14 AM
    Ok cool. Let me know when you got it so I can help you
  3. 0B3Y
    26/07/2014 03:04 AM
    Alright... Let me re-download my skype
  4. Blademaster680
    26/07/2014 03:02 AM
    Come on skype If you cant see my invite invite me. blade.master680 Can help you easier.
  5. 0B3Y
    26/07/2014 02:59 AM
    lol it's not working... And how can i add hour like When in my timezone its 9am but i want to change it to 9pm on the server... any idea how can i do that w/o cmd:tod?
  6. Blademaster680
    26/07/2014 02:57 AM
    I added you on skype
  7. Blademaster680
    26/07/2014 02:11 AM
    I think I know whats up with your time
  8. 0B3Y
    26/07/2014 02:07 AM
    Hey man... Whats up?

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