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Conversation Between Ballu Miaa and Kapersky™
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  1. Ballu Miaa
    26/05/2015 04:36 AM
    Ballu Miaa
    Well I got banned at almost every site due to Skype before so I ain't using it anymore.
  2. Kapersky™
    22/05/2015 11:35 AM
    Hey Ballu. Skype is a good IM. You should use it! Look, almost every SAMP'er uses it. And if you start using it. Add me there: kaper-sky.
  3. Kapersky™
    13/05/2015 07:10 PM
    The pleasure is all mine.
  4. Ballu Miaa
    09/05/2015 01:33 PM
    Ballu Miaa
    Thanks man for the news lol.
  5. Kapersky™
    06/05/2015 09:04 AM
    Just a good news: you're unbanned from MultiMart.
  6. Kapersky™
    05/05/2015 08:46 AM
    Your signature needs an update, your location needs correction: "New Delhi, India". Not being a douche, but just recalling you to do so.
  7. Kapersky™
    05/05/2015 08:43 AM
    Same here.
  8. Ballu Miaa
    05/05/2015 04:32 AM
    Ballu Miaa
    Hah i knew it. Good to see you here!
  9. Kapersky™
    04/05/2015 09:03 AM
    Yep, I'm the one from MultiMart.
  10. Ballu Miaa
    04/05/2015 03:07 AM
    Ballu Miaa
    Haha hey mate. Are you the one whom I met on Multimart?

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