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  1. Samscock
    21/02/2013 09:20 AM
    i am using ravens RP and having the same problems...

    Remains bugs or sugestions.

    ** Yamaguchi mafia HQ havent doors, maybe someone can create obbejs ang give code?
    ** Arrests on stats is counting for nothing, go 10 seconds and i get 20 arrests.
    ** Sometimes when i go to LSPD or something else it teleport me to my house, buy showed that i am in that bulding
    ** When i go to some house i dont go in, but it showed that i go in, and if outside where car it dont stand there. But if i teleport to people who are outside all is back.
    ** Sometimes when someone buy car it have it, but if he relog it lost and if he writes /findcar it showed it is on docks, but it is army car and his car is lost.
    ** If car is locked and i get in, sometimes i cant get out.

    can you help me fix those brother? please

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